Meatpaper, Steak, and Stripping

Following a link from Meatpaper‘s website, I’ve found myself immersed in an online battle about a stripclub with a Vegan menu in Portland, OR.

You can read the entire thread of the blog post from the, which quotes Ann Friedman’s piece on Feministing, who references Carol Adams, whose book cover inspired my 2010 valentine…and the start of the “Eat Your Heart Out” project.

The Oregon Fox news article Customers Find All Skin, No Meat at Vegan Stripclub has the following words from the club’s owner: ““(It’s) vixens, not veal, and sizzle, not steak,” Diablo said. “We put the meat on the pole, not on the plate.””

Comments on the Atlantic post include a vicious east coast v. west coast battle, as well as a link to Acropolis Steakhouse in Portland, a strip club with some incredibly enthusiastic clients, and many with complaints about the meat and/or the women.

And for more information about non-vegan Portland joints, you can consult the Portland Mercury’s review of strip club/steakhouses here.

Meat is complicated.  The internet is amazing.

Front of house meat (most likely from Iowa) at the Taylor Meat Company, Taylor, TX

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