“Eat Your Heart Out” named Best Theater Project of the year by Kickstarter

Best Theater Project

Though it is old news in the bologosphere, this was new news to us! (we hadn’t logged onto kickstarter in many months after successfully funding the project)

Honeysuckle’s solo show “Eat Your Heart Out” was named Best Theater Project by Kickstarter – an incredible honor in a humbling crowd of crowd-funded art works and startups.

See the full announcement here: http://www.kickstarter.com/blog/best-theater-project

As they describe:

“Honeysuckle Hype is a self-proclaimed “queer feminist sexually-explicit performance artist” who has a love for beef jerky and a talent for storytelling. She used Kickstarter to fund a tour of her live cooking show, promising backers spirited rewards like personalized valentines, love letters sealed with a kiss, and juicy updates from the road. In the end, it wasn’t just her bright orange wig that won us over — but a project that was outrageous, audacious and totally, totally fun.”

Thanks Kickstarter!  You win our ‘best crowd-sourced funding platform’ award!

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