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“Eat Your Heart Out” named Best Theater Project of the year by Kickstarter

Best Theater Project

Though it is old news in the bologosphere, this was new news to us! (we hadn’t logged onto kickstarter in many months after successfully funding the project)

Honeysuckle’s solo show “Eat Your Heart Out” was named Best Theater Project by Kickstarter – an incredible honor in a humbling crowd of crowd-funded art works and startups.

See the full announcement here:

As they describe:

“Honeysuckle Hype is a self-proclaimed “queer feminist sexually-explicit performance artist” who has a love for beef jerky and a talent for storytelling. She used Kickstarter to fund a tour of her live cooking show, promising backers spirited rewards like personalized valentines, love letters sealed with a kiss, and juicy updates from the road. In the end, it wasn’t just her bright orange wig that won us over — but a project that was outrageous, audacious and totally, totally fun.”

Thanks Kickstarter!  You win our ‘best crowd-sourced funding platform’ award!

PRIDE!!! Join me at Seattle PrideFest’s RED Party Saturday, June 23rd

Holy shit homos, I’ll be hosting the seriously GAY

Seattle PrideFest RED Women’s Party

featuring DJ Tina T, Roy G. Biv, Mr. Charming and performances by Miss Kitty Baby and BoomBoom LRoux!

Presale tickets are only $20:

Help me put some more Q and T in the LGB!  Hope to see you there!!



RED Womens Party
Produced by One Degree Events
Saturday 06.23.2012
@ The Baltic Room (1207 Pine St, Seattle, WA)
9PM – 3AM
21 + W/ID

Pride is just around the corner and One Degree Events is bringing back the RED Women’s Party, Saturday night June 23rd, 2012 in conjunction with and Washington United for Marriage. Last year the party was a blast, and this year, it’s only getting better with a blend of west coast talent that’s just too good to miss! This year’s line up includes:

DJ TINA T Voted Vegas’ best DJ, 2011 and 2012
From Portland: Roy G. Biv (Bent) & Mr. Charming (Gaycation)
Hostess: Honeysuckle Hype (
Performances by: Miss Kitty Baby & Boom Boom LRoux

Purchase tickets in advance at Brown Paper Tickets for the pre-sale price of $20 (General Admission).

VIP passes can be purchased at the cost of $40, which includes VIP access at the event, as well as preferred entry (no waiting in line). For $5 more, patrons can purchase not only the VIP for the party, but also backstage access at the PrideFest DJ stage on Sunday 06.24.2012. (A $60 Value for only $45!)

A portion of the proceeds of the event will go directly to Washington United For Marriage.

Media inquiries:
Contact Qulture Qreative, LA Kendall, 206.915.8033 /

Honeysuckle Live on NPR

Listen to Honeysuckle Hype LIVE on NPR’s “On Point with Tom Ashbrook”.   Honeysuckle appears as a guest on an episode focused on Gypsy Rose Lee, the subject of Karen Abbott’s 2010 book American Rose. You can hear a recording of the show here:

Or listen to it live on your local NPR station:



HSH@ Palm Springs Pride 2010

Check out the Latest Action from Palm Springs on the ACE Hotel Blog!

Honeysuckle Christens the Moomin Fort Artists-in-Residence Program

Check out Paula the Swedish Housewife’s fabulous update on her home as a space for the creative arts.  Eat Your Heart Out has the distinct honor of being the first show created in the living room of Moomin Fort, and Scotty the Blue Bunny’s new show from that womb debuted last week!

Thank you again to the SHW for all of your support-spatial, inspirational, edible, and that which defies adjectives.



East Coast Shows Announcement!

It’s official!! The Eat Your Heart Out East Coast meat research and tour kicks off in May with a week in NYC and Vermont followed by performances up and down the coast.

Please pass/post the information and posters on to local friends in the Boston-to-DC corridor!

Wednesday, May 12th @ Middlesex Lounge
w/Rogue Burlesque
315 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA
Doors at 9, Show at 10

Thursday, May 13th @ Collect Pond
338 Berry St @ S 5th st
Brooklyn, NY
Tickets: $5-15

Friday, May 14th @ Phase 1
525 8th Street SE
Washington, DC
Tickets: $5



Back in the Saddle…and on the road to riches!

While “riches” may not be the most robust fit of a word for a shoestring queer DIY performance art project, I have had a fabulous initial outpouring of support for this research project and show over the last few days. Thanks so much to everyone who has pledged their support, and/or passed the project link on, and thanks in advance to those of you who are reading this and thinking–hmmm, I do like that beef print…maybe I’ll donate a few bucks.

I am back in Seattle after a raucous week of California travel (San Diego, Palm Springs, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco with varying doses of academia, lesbian spring break/Dinah Shore, and my mother in each locale), and am entering into an intensive ten days of rehearsal. I promise to pull out of it to post more interviews, images, and clips from the Texas adventure, and to post show content as I begin to document it!

xoxox, and thank you again for your support!


Check out the “Eat Your Heart Out” Kickstarter Interview

Just ran into Tamara Murphy of Brasa and Elliott Bay Cafe, who has just published a new book, “Farmers, Cooks, Eaters” (pre-sales are up now, and the first run is out soon!).  In  2006, Tamara started to source local meat for her restaurant and began a collaboration with Whistling Train Farm just south of Seattle.  She blogged about the journey, from meeting her litter of pigs, through seeing her first slaughter, all the way to the celebratory meal they cooked at the end.  Read about her experience on that 2006 blog, Life of a Pig, and check out the menu below from that final event…pork belly brittle?


Life of a Pig

April 20, 2006

by tamara murphy

and whistling train farm


Chicharrones ( skins )

Everything Pig Pate ( pork trimmings, fat, heart, liver, kidney, tongue )

Smoked Riblets ( ribs )

Traditional Posole, Roasted Chilies, Tomatillos, Tortillas ( pork shoulder,  head, trotters,  hocks )

Grilled Loin, Chorizo and Clams ( loin, chuck, fat, trimmings )

Roast Pig: Whistling Train Farm’s Greens, Greek Potatoes ( whole pig )

Heirloom Navel Oranges, Jicima, Watercress, Cracklings ( fatty skin )

Bacon Baklava

Vanilla Ice Cream, Maple Flower Crème Anglaise

Bacon Brittle ( belly )

Tamara also invited me to perform at this year’s Burning Beast, an event held at smokefarm featuring some of Seattle’s top chefs and a great deal of meat from local farms.  We may also book a small performance at Elliott Bay Cafe as they work on new digs.  Looks like the west coast summer tour is taking a turn for the savory!

If what you’re into is the human experience

It wasn’t until a week had passed and I found myself in the sky, en route from Austin to Dallas that I finally looked at photographs of the slaughter.  I couldn’t do it beforehand; it was still too close, I was still there.

Here is the answer that some voyeurs are waiting for: eating meat has been different.  I finally had really good bbq at Sam’s BBQ in East Austin on Sunday night, and I ate the meat quickly.  I wanted to eat it all, it tasted fucking good, and I didn’t want to be left again staring at the last pieces on my plate unable to get them to my mouth.  So I ate fast.

I was also hungry, it was the evening of gaybigaygay and I wasn’t wearing any pants.  So I ate fast.

This is the photo that reveals a slight bit of impending PTSD from the slaughterhouse experience.  I don’t remember if I tried to smile, but I do remember feeling it was important to be respectful of the carcasses around me.  It was also (obviously) terribly cold.

On the long flight home, I relived it all slideshow style, and the woman next to me glanced up from her needlepoint (a little boy in blue footsie pajamas hanging a stocking near a christmas tree) occasionally and then glanced back down.  I felt like I was watching porn.

After watching all the slides (but none of the video, haven’t even touched the video, but remember the sound of the shot and of the pig’s body rattling as it convulses), I pulled out a leftover piece of bbq pork rib saved from Sam’s and ate it.  It was wrapped in a piece of white bread, more foreign to this Jewish girl from Brooklyn than the bbq pork, and then wrapped in waxed paper, twice.

It felt like a performance piece, an odd one, a private show just for me and my blue jammie needlepoint seatmate. Not sure how she felt about it, if she felt about it. I was glad that the pig I was eating looked like pig, was identifiable from the final slides in the slideshow.  I don’t think I could have stomached bologna.

Whether or not there is any causality, I have been dreaming of raw kale salad for the last five days.  I think I’ll go slaughter some today, dig my fingers in and rub the salt around, break down its flesh with my bare hands.  And I am maybe thinking about taking a full week off from meat.