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Eat Your Heart Out: Slaughterhouses and other FIELD trips

“Meat department, Chris here”

Before I DIG IN to the story of booking Austin, TX meat-related field trips, I should explain that there are two Chris’s.  There is Chris the General Manager at Taylor Meat Co., a slaughterhouse and meat shop north of Austin in Taylor, TX.  And there is Chris in the meat department of the big (relatively original) Whole Foods on N. Lamar in Austin, TX.  Chris at Whole Foods is the Serious Pearl Jam Fan and has seen them in concert 31 times.  He has been cutting meat for 16 years.

The Austin trip is the first major research travel for my solo show “Eat Your Heart Out,” debuting in Seattle in April, then touring across the country and up and down the East Coast in the month of May.

(pasture map)

Map of Paddocks @ Ross Farm

I love Texas, I love Texans.  Everyone I spoke to by phone was ready to welcome a visiting performance artist into their lives and workplaces.  In Texas, not only are the hearts bigger, but everything is so much bigger that a week ago I truly thought a pizza joint water cup was a skype-tical illusion.  Truly.  Made the gal hold the cup up to her head to prove it was real.

So the meetings are scheduled: Watch a slaughter, then visit some living cows and meet Betsy Ross of Betsy Ross Beef.  And someday before 2:30pm, pay a visit to Pearl Jam Chris in the Meat Department.

Promise to post updates along the way!!